Sawmill Plants

Sawmill Plants

HGA has a long history of wood products and is an industry leader in the engineering, planning, and manufacturing processes for the wood products business. We offer quality through our experienced project management, engineering services, and business solutions.

When plant production is hindered by inefficient processes or plant technology, HGA can help. Our team of experts works with you to improve processes and technologies—all while enhancing plant operations and safety.

Lumber companies moving into new regions or needing to modernize existing plant capabilities have worked with HGA to develop facilities with sophisticated handling systems. HGA has assisted clients in multiple areas including efficiency studies, design services, construction management, and process handling technology.

We have served as staff engineers, maintenance technicians, maintenance managers, and plant managers for our wood industry clients. HGA has also assisted softwood dimensional lumber, hardwood lumber, hardwood flooring, and hardwood molding clients with plant engineering that maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs.

How can we help you? Learn more about the industries we serve as well as our other engineering services, or contact us for more information.

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