Oil & Gas

At top of the list for the world’s most important resources, oil & gas plays a vital role in steering the economy. Whatever your needs, our wide range of services are available to you. From project and program management to engineering design and staffing services, our staff is experienced in many aspects of up-stream and mid-stream oil & gas projects.

Exploration & Production

Reducing our client’s average costs, HGA delivers on accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. Our methods and practices will improve safety and optimize operations throughout all E&P phases.



Looking to execute a gathering system expansion? Or, are you in need of detailed design services for multiple compressor stations? HGA has worked on some of the world’s largest piping networks as designers, builders, constructors, and project managers.



HGA offers great opportunities for keeping oil and gas cool and dry. Our devoted team assures precise details and measurements when setting up the transmission of oil & gas.