Engineered Wood

We understand the importance of high-performance wood. Our engineered solutions offer the opportunity for longer-lasting, higher strength, and stable wood products. HGA’s track record proves predictable performance in our commitment to complete projects on-time and within budget.

Wood products are what we know best. As the starting industry for HGA, we offer quality through our experienced project management, engineering services, and business solutions. By understanding the needs and challenges this industry faces, we utilize our experienced personnel to develop solutions catered to your needs.

The HGA staff has a broad range of expertise in the field of Engineered Wood Products. Our customer base includes OSB, LVL, I-Joists, LSL and Laminated Beams. Our company’s resume includes services such as prime project engineering services, project management, engineering, detailed design, and construction management.


  • Construction Management and design support for two large OSB Mills
  • Civil / Structural Design
  • Strand Processing Center
  • Construction Coordination for Green End Rebuild
  • Wet Deck Re-Design
  • New Heat Energy System
  • Dryer Cyclone Replacement
  • RTO Installations
  • WESP Installations
  • Dryer Outlet Duct Re-Design

LVL & I-Joist

  • Production & Process Studies
  • Preliminary Engineering & Feasibility Studies
  • Process and Plant Design
  • Finishing Line & Product Handling Systems
  • I-Joist Line Projects


  • Plant Design Project Management
  • Finishing Line & Product System Design
  • Plant Commissioning Services
  • Production Equipment Design
  • Oven Systems

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