Safely Store Archived Material

Safely store archived material

HGA’s VistaTRAK® decision support solution includes a document repository and meeting space for project stakeholders. As part of VistaTRAK, our data storage solution will help manage and collaborate all required documentation into one online, central location. Through this solution, project stakeholders can collect, and archive required documentation, participate in team discussions, view important announcements, and share team calendars anytime and anywhere from any computer or hand-held device. We already have the tools in place to easily customize the system for your project needs. Our large industrial experience utilizing VistaTRAK has mitigated critical risks with cost and schedule impacts, increased owner’s R.O.I., assisted owners in contractor progress management and visibility, and provided full project transparency with multiple EPC/EPCM projects successfully.

Control and govern data access
Establish role-based security and restrict data access.

Management of documents
Upload and manage all documents from VistaTRAK to quickly find, configure and access information for the project.

Intelligent Document Control- Meta Data, Version Control and Custom Workflows
HGA’s VistaTRAK decision support solution combines benefits from SharePoint technology to utilizing integrated and customized M-files storage, tracking, and document control. Our service can help manage business-critical documents and information from any device no matter where it’s stored. Integrating automatic workflows, this allows better control for all stakeholders to work more productively than ever before.

Unified quality control
Easily update detailed reports for quality control to simplify tracking, error resolution, and reconciliation.

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