Manages your document flow and approvals

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VistaTRAK is the streamlined, integrated project management platform that you’ve always wanted. Easy-to-use, automated workflow process in M-Files – VistaTRAK lets you submit, route, track and collaborate more efficiently. By combining the key needs of project planning, tracking, and collaboration in one platform, and then making it easy to assign work, track progress and see budgets in real-time, VistaTRAK makes it easy to manage all of your project work in one place.

Offers automated document approval system
Streamline your entire project flow and approval process so your team can see everything in one place and meet deadlines more consistently.

Accelerate workflow implementation
VistaTRAK automatically keeps up with your project workflow timelines, to simplify processes, and ensure your project outcome.

Improve project collaboration
Simplify your project planning with real-time dashboard access to view, plan, and automate routine tasks to improve processes and communication.

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