Greater Management Visibility

Greater Management Visibility

VistaTRAK is designed to help companies realize project value much faster with better information and faster decision making

Our VistaTRAK® decision support solution helps clients monitor and manage the overall picture and provides full transparency of project KPI’s, risks, key metrics, costs, resources, and work progress. The web-based system offers a variety of reporting and analytics solutions that are built to help you maximize your project progress. The benefits of our decision support system include greater management visibility, improved decision making, and increased accountability. It is the only system in the country proven to manage, track, and report effectively while enabling its clients to gain greater project performance insights.

Our VistaTRAK decision support solution measures key performance metrics to allow you to make informed decisions and provide proactive problem-solving solutions to help ensure that projects come in on time and within budget. HGA’s objective is to facilitate a decision-making process that delivers high-quality projects that are technically and environmentally sound, affordable, and completed on schedule.

Empower real-time forecasting
Facilitate real-time information and decision-making across the project lifecycle.

Ensure alignment of project strategies
Provide better data that feeds project processes to lead to improved project performance.

Improve project transparency
Improve resource collaboration to bring your cross-functional teams together to meet project deliverables.

Example Reports
The following is a sample of dashboard reports that are delivered with VistaTRAK based on the data that has been populated in our workflows.

Check them out here.

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