Get projects back on track with VistaTRAK®

Whether your industry is oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, energy, government, engineering and construction or infrastructure, making process improvements is an ongoing chore. Projects large and small must be completed on time and on budget. Yet due to poor communication, scheduling delays or a lack of transparency into existing workflows, the best laid plans often fall apart. It’s estimated that large projects across asset classes typically take 20% longer to finish than originally intended and come in 80% over budget.

Efficient and effective project management is achievable with VistaTRAK® as your guide. Here’s more about this patented servicing and reporting program created by the experts at Hunt, Guillot & Associates.

What is VistaTRAK®?

The VistaTRAK® Project Tracking and Reporting Service allows you to keep tabs on key performance metrics – such as Cost and Schedule Performance, Earned Value, Productivity and more – so you can make more informed decisions about how your company should operate or diversify resources to more effectively address pain points. Paired with HGA’s project management expertise, VistaTRAK® can give you and your staff the insight you need to maximize and execute virtually any major undertaking.

Here are just a handful of the practical and tangible benefits available through our patented project tracking and reporting system and HGA’s various service offerings:


Greater management visibility

The user-friendly interface of VistaTRAK® includes various reporting dashboards so you can identify a plethora of KPIs in real time, such as work progress, resource utilization and sales volume.


Increased return on investment

Through our decision support service that can be customized to fit your needs, you can achieve authentic ROI by making choices that are grounded in fact-based insight and intelligence.


Highly scalable

Enterprise resource planning software has revolutionized day-to-day business management, and there are a number of vendors you can choose from. Regardless of the data point you wish to incorporate or contextualize, VistaTRAK® can integrate and import data, spreadsheets and documents from any ERP system.


Safely store archived material

Some of your information needs to be maintained for financial reporting or verification purposes. The web-based system uses the cloud so documents, meeting minutes and important reminders can be called up seamlessly.


Aggregates and analyzes large datasets

One of the biggest hang-ups for business owners at companies of all sizes these days is making sense of large, variable datasets. VistaTRAK® systematizes them so they can be more readily interpreted and applied.

ongoing training

Offer ongoing training to bridge digital divide

While the digitization of society and workflows is designed to increase efficiency, old habits die hard, particularly for staff or stakeholders who are accustomed to legacy systems. HGA will work with you side by side so your staff can become more familiar with the technology and understand why it’s necessary.

From eliminating waste in any industry, VistaTRAK can help you accomplish business goals and deliver solutions to workflow woes. If this project management solution sounds like something you could use, you’re right. Please contact HGA to learn more.


Greater Management Visibility

VistaTRAK is designed to help companies realize project value much faster with better information and faster decision making

Our VistaTRAK® decision support solution helps clients monitor and manage the overall picture and provides full transparency of project KPI’s, risks, key metrics, costs, resources, and work progress. The web-based system offers a variety of reporting and analytics solutions that are built to help you maximize your project progress. The benefits of our decision support system include greater management visibility, improved decision making, and increased accountability. It is the only system in the country proven to manage, track, and report effectively while enabling its clients to gain greater project performance insights.

Our VistaTRAK decision support solution measures key performance metrics to allow you to make informed decisions and provide proactive problem-solving solutions to help ensure that projects come in on time and within budget. HGA’s objective is to facilitate a decision-making process that delivers high-quality projects that are technically and environmentally sound, affordable, and completed on schedule.

Empower real-time forecasting
Facilitate real-time information and decision-making across the project lifecycle.

Ensure alignment of project strategies
Provide better data that feeds project processes to lead to improved project performance.

Improve project transparency
Improve resource collaboration to bring your cross-functional teams together to meet project deliverables.

Example Reports
The following is a sample of dashboard reports that are delivered with VistaTRAK based on the data that has been populated in our workflows.

Check them out here.

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increased roi

Quickly harness project data for faster project decisions
Seamlessly connect applications, data, and people for greater management visibility to project optimization and more, HGA’s solution helps clients make informed decisions – more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Customers can make more efficient and effective decision for their project outcomes.

Improve data alignment
Realize an immediate return on investment for your project progress by analyzing the flow of physical, financial and service items.

Lower total cost of ownership
Avoid the time, expense and headache of purchasing multiple data products for project management.

Improved project efficiency
Break down data silos and combine data from multiple functions through VistaTRAK® and gain 360-degree visibility across project progress.

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Highly scalable

Access data from any application with single integrationOvercome system complexity and integrate any applications and data sources across our system with speed and ease. The unique connectivity capabilities empower project teams with multiple data sources to aggregate data from any data source for better business decisions.

Ensure maximum performance
Centralized data management provides visibility and control to manage and track project progress and performance.

Deliver seamless customer and partner experiences
Create composite aggregated field data from multiple applications and data sources

Accelerate workflow implementation
Rapidly build and deploy workflows without extensive coding.

Create scalable, reliable experiences
Increase process adoption by providing easy-to-use workflows that adapt to any project.

Industry connectivity
Accelerates the consolidation, initial load for a full range of 3rd-party datasets.

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Safely store archived material

HGA’s VistaTRAK® decision support solution includes a document repository and meeting space for project stakeholders. As part of VistaTRAK, our data storage solution will help manage and collaborate all required documentation into one online, central location. Through this solution, project stakeholders can collect, and archive required documentation, participate in team discussions, view important announcements, and share team calendars anytime and anywhere from any computer or hand-held device. We already have the tools in place to easily customize the system for your project needs. Our large industrial experience utilizing VistaTRAK has mitigated critical risks with cost and schedule impacts, increased owner’s R.O.I., assisted owners in contractor progress management and visibility, and provided full project transparency with multiple EPC/EPCM projects successfully.

Control and govern data access
Establish role-based security and restrict data access.

Management of documents
Upload and manage all documents from VistaTRAK to quickly find, configure and access information for the project.

Intelligent Document Control- Meta Data, Version Control and Custom Workflows
HGA’s VistaTRAK decision support solution combines benefits from SharePoint technology to utilizing integrated and customized M-files storage, tracking, and document control. Our service can help manage business-critical documents and information from any device no matter where it’s stored. Integrating automatic workflows, this allows better control for all stakeholders to work more productively than ever before.

Unified quality control
Easily update detailed reports for quality control to simplify tracking, error resolution, and reconciliation.

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Aggregates and analyzes large datasets

Simplify access to multiple large data sources for seamless, real-time insights

VistaTRAK® is designed to make importing easier so you can seamlessly bring data together for faster, better, more robust visibility into the status of a project. The service can rapidly combine multiple datasets, accommodate format variability and enables you to accelerate the analysis of your operation for optimal decision-making plans.

VistaTRAK gives you a rich understanding of your operation by quickly generating detailed reports and accelerates analysis by managing documents in one secure, easy-to-access interactive dashboard.

 Integrate all your vendor data
Aggregates all project transactions into a powerful, central system, allowing you to achieve full project transparency and gain major strategic advantages.

Improve project productivity
VistaTRAK enables the fastest, lowest cost and lowest risk integration of 3rd party data into the central hub by streamlining key aspects of the data integration process.

Tailor to your needs
Templates, process workflows allow your organization to successfully connect all your vendor datasets.

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Offer ongoing training to bridge digital divide

Consider the time, cost and risk when implementing your own home-grown data configuration
Our team of developers have the broad skills required to manage the development of the data structures and standards required to correctly interpret, map and load 3rd party data into VistaTRAK. They have the intimate knowledge of the integration requirements of 3rd party data sources into the central hub. VistaTRAK offers pre-built workflows to connect and harmonize 3rd party data sources for the fastest and lowest risk implementation.

Management of workflow development
Set up and manage all components from one web-based console to quickly configure and deploy your project-based operations.

Adapt your manual processes
Meet technology demand and remove manual complexity while improving your technology infrastructure.

Rapid technology integration
Quickly integrate vendor data into VistaTRAK, virtually eliminating data errors and reducing setup time from months to weeks.

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