Pressure Relief Systems Management

HGA is well-versed in approaching the lifecycle management of pressure relief systems, through methods of project management, analysis and process engineering services. Properly maintained pressure relief valves (PRVs) are vital to ensuring that plant personnel and equipment are protected in the case of an abrupt overpressure event. At HGA, we understand that to prevent a system failure, competent management systems must be effectively established. With our team of experts and certified technicians, we can work with you to create management solutions for your plant that comply with existing OSHA standards.

Design and Documentation Services

We provide a collection of service solutions to comply with your maintenance and regulatory goals. They include:

  • Audit of existing Pressure Relief Documentation for compliance
  • Piping modification design and routing
  • Dispersion analysis
  • On-site data and collection
  • Construction drawings and installation services
  • Flare studies
  • Revalidation of overpressure scenarios and relief device sizing
  • Runaway reactions (published literature, lab tests or field tests)
  • Relief device procurement
  • Established methodologies for relief device-based and equipment-based approaches
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Our Experience

HGA has worked with companies in various industries, ranging from agricultural to specialty chemicals, to provide a variety of services to ensure comprehensive PRV maintenance.

We’ve provided a hands-on approach to provide an all-encompassing PRV re-evaluation and mitigation effort with DuPont — a leader in agricultural, material science and specialty projects — and worked a multi-year vertically integrated approach to assess, collect data and revalidate their processes.

Kuraray, a global leader in specialty chemicals and fibers, reached out to HGA for assistance as they attempted to upgrade a mature and dated plant infrastructure. We provided a performance-based comprehensive analysis to assist with recurrent problems.

We have also provided engineering design services to Anadarko, consisting of relief/flare design and revalidation of existing relief systems through central gathering and production facilities.

Workflow Methodology

Our experts — consisting of multi-disciplined engineers and experienced data collectors — use a carefully planned relief system workflow to analyze, design and document your operation. The goal is to minimize risk at your facility and maximize your regulatory compliance.

Using our VistaTRAK project management platform, we can provide you with tracking, centralized data repository, and reporting with 24/7 accessibility accessible through desktop or mobile device. Our information management systems guarantee data protection, compliance, and reduce the risk of downtime. VitaTRAK, a leading engineering, project and product management platform increases accountability in controlled-access environments that’ll allow you to track the efficiency of your performance metrics.

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Why Use HGA Expertise


You are looking for a team of experts and certified technicians who understand the complexity of pressure relief services management

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You are looking to minimize facility risk, but maximize regulatory compliance


You are looking for a reliable system to track performance metrics that is regularly available to access

For trusted expertise and lifecycle management of pressure relief systems you can rely on HGA