Pipeline Integrity Management

HGA understands the hazards and challenges involved in evaluating pipeline inspection projects. Working closely with our clients, our team can perform full-scale asset testing and screening to help you improve safety, manage operations and reduce operational risks. Our expert staff has decades of experience and proven processes to improve the operational integrity of your pipeline project.

HGA provides a comprehensive range of services including in-line inspection and anomaly management, risk analysis, HCA analysis, auditing, and compliance verification, as well as, repair support services. Our Pipeline Integrity Services team can complement your existing project coordination or provide all services within the project work scope to ensure efficient execution of technical and regulatory compliance.

Inline Inspection Tool Tracking Services
HGA offers In-Line Inspection (ILI) tool tracking support services to verify the location or progress of the pig throughout the inspection process. We utilize the latest technology and set up stations along the entire pipeline to successfully perform your inspection run. However, inline inspection tools often get stuck and are expensive to locate. We have the experience and equipment to accurately track tool location and reduce the area that needs to be searched in the event of a stuck tool.

ILI Report Evaluation and Repair Analysis
HGA pipeline integrity assessment experts provide a broad range of inline inspection analyses for successful pipeline assessment. HGA offers comprehensive examinations for anomalies such as corrosion and metal loss, cracks, denting, and ovality. HGA leverages our organization’s knowledge and experience, verifying tool performance, ensuring ILI data, and selecting anomalies for repair based on the probability of failure. We also provide advice that identifies critical anomaly risks, identifies actions to mitigate each, and recommends control measures to repair or change the system in a way that meets or exceeds local regulations.

Anomaly Tracking and Growth Evaluations
HGA offers screening and corrosion assessment consultancy to evaluate pipeline integrity. We use detailed methods and inline inspection technology to define anomaly characteristics, both internal and external to ensure pipeline integrity. Our survey reports also detect corrosion anomalies, as well as the severity to reduce uncertainty and increase safety. If two inspections are available for a pipeline, we are able to provide anomaly size and classification to determine the corrosion growth rate. By combining inspection and assessment we help increase operational reliability and maximize long-term production.

Above Ground Marker (AGM) Survey and Validation
HGA provides accurate installation and documentation of pipeline AGM markers to support your pipeline integrity program. Above Ground Markers (AGM) are surveyed tool tracking points that meet government regulations of the line of sight. Our registered professional land surveyors (RPLS) are equipped with the latest survey and mapping GPS technology to can help in the mapping and site placement of AGMs on your pipeline systems. We work with you to determine when and where AGMs should be placed, including in hard-to-reach areas where pre-set AGMs can be utilized.

Anomaly Dig Determination Reports
When accurate staking of anomalies is necessary, HGA survey experts have the optimal solution for dig planning, interpreting, and accurately determining the location of the potential dig sites, and completion of dig sheets.

National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS)
HGA can offer data management services to expertly prepare and submit National Pipeline Mapping System reports on behalf of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipeline operators. NPMS report preparation, submission, data/compliance consulting, data conversion, and centerline accuracy.

Cathodic Protection (CP) Surveys
HGA can provide a wide range of cathodic protection (CP) services and solutions that prevent and control corrosion as a part of pipeline integrity management. HGA can perform services such as Annual CP Surveys, Close Interval Surveys, Stray Current Interference Testing, casing inspection, and root cause and corrective action.

Anomaly Repair support
Our certified project managers can oversee the execution of your integrity dig project and streamline service delivery of all sub-contractors and third-party suppliers. The project manager leverages knowledge and experience to provide a seamless operation, ensuring efficient execution of operational objectives.

  • Project management and execution
  • Right of Way coordination
  • Construction management
  • Survey
  • Engineering support
  • GIS documentation

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