Pipeline Services

HGA has been providing the design and development of major pipeline and terminal infrastructure facilities for more than 25 years. HGA understands the regulatory environment of interstate pipeline projects and is familiar with all major facets of the necessary documentation and design services that are inherent in FERC-regulated projects. Our experience encompasses engineering design services on many transmission compressor stations and other related facilities. The HGA portfolio of pipeline services offers a unique combination of design expertise, a proven construction package, and expert support that will minimize change orders in the field, helping you increase efficiency, reduce capital and operational costs, and improve safety.

Right of Way

HGA specializes in large and small diameter pipeline projects, telecommunications, electric utility, water, sewer, and other public infrastructure projects.


Pipeline Surveying

Our pipeline service professionals plan and execute projects exceeding both industry standards and those set by you.


Pipeline Routing

HGA goes beyond expectations, providing an extra dimension of quality in performance, accuracy, and development.


Pipeline Design and Mapping

Accuracy, advanced technology, and professional excellence from the HGA team assure you best-in-quality service.


Pipeline Construction Management

HGA’s pipeline construction management services offer key functions that ensure a successful project.


Pipeline Inspection Services

Our in-depth knowledge in the industry along with an experienced group of personnel ensures that your projects will be built and documented according to your plans. Our team has proven to add value to our client’s projects by reducing contractor extras or re-work.


Pipeline Integrity Management

HGA can help you ensure that the integrity of your pipeline infrastructure meets or exceed all local, state, and federal regulations.


Geospatial Services

HGA can help you collect, process, integrate, and distribute aerial mapping data for more effective pipeline routing decision-making.



HGA experts combine experience and the RouteNav application to identify and rank the most promising pipeline routes early in a project so you can make better business decisions.


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