VistaTRAK Project Tracking and Reporting

Project Tracking and Reporting

The VistaTRAK™ Project Tracking and Reporting Service monitors and analyzes key performance metrics to allow you to make informed decisions and provide proactive problem-solving solutions. The combination of our in-depth expertise and industry-leading technology enables us to facilitate a decision-making process that delivers high-quality projects that are technically and environmentally sound, affordable and completed on schedule. Ultimately, the service ensures that appropriate measures can be taken to improve project efficiency.

As part of VistaTRAK, our experts have deep experience with a broad range of tools and technologies that enables you to process steady streams of information. During the implementation phase, these experts work side by side with your team to improve processes, your program, and execution strategies that set and track key performance indicators (KPIs). The benefits of our decision support service include greater management visibility, improved decision making, increased R.O.I. and increased accountability. Compared to other companies that offer similar systems, our system is proven to manage, track, and report effectively while providing the most value for program implementation.

To analyze the flow of data, the VistaTRAK analysis system offers reporting dashboards to visualize all operations including project key metrics, risks, costs, resources, and work progress so you can act on what you see. The system also provides tools for earned value analytics, forecasting/trends, detailed scheduling, and risk/change management and control.

Our VistaTRAK system can integrate any data source and format such as data from ERP systems, spreadsheets, PDF documents, databases, data exports, web listings, etc. Our experts can help you manage multiple data sources, streamline and provide data efficiencies and provide a more comprehensive approach to maximize data integrity and reporting quality. The web-based system also includes a document repository and a meeting space for project stakeholders.

Through this solution, project stakeholders can access the interactive reporting dashboards, have drill-down capability from the aggregate level of detail to project level progress details and be able to access other reports and documentation. Stakeholders will be able to view archive required documentation, participate in team discussions, view important announcements, and share team calendars anytime and anywhere from any computer or hand-held device.

We already have workflows in place to easily customize the system for your project needs. Remote connectivity sites for our past projects have been recognized at state and federal levels for their innovation and accessibility, and our methods are quickly setting a new industry standard. HGA’s VistaTRAK project tracking and reporting service was cited as a finding of merit by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the overall management and monitoring of the LA Hurricanes Katrina/Rita CDBG Disaster Recovery Program.

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