Geographic Information Systems

HGA is a recognized leader in geographic information systems (GIS) solutions for our clients’ program objectives. Widely used in many types of engineering projects, GIS has enhanced our surveying, mapping, and data acquisition capabilities. From pipeline planning to parcel mapping and more, HGA GIS services helps clients by providing affordable and accurate ways to analyze their mapping data.

Our certified GISP and ESRI ArcGIS Professional GIS specialists offer a unique combination of expertise, proprietary workflows, and software to transform information needed to make better-informed business decisions. HGA uses its proprietary RouteNav™ process to generate intelligent and data-driven routes for pipeline routing. The HGA GIS team also works with clients to identify the right GIS solution to meet their exact needs and budgets. Unlike other companies, the HGA GIS team can leverage our existing hardware and software resources to accommodate large or smaller client-focused tasks, all while maintaining cost efficiency. Our GIS team is proficient in all ESRI products and extensions, Trimble mapping and GIS software, ERDAS Imagine, and has experience with a variety of other industry-specific software platforms. The result: optimized images customized for your project and improved product quality.

Some of these capabilities are listed below:

  • Land ownership mapping
  • Geodatabase design and development
  • High volume digitization and editing
  • GIS/CAD data conversion
  • Existing GIS workflow refinement
  • Model building and programming custom tools
  • Site selection and suitability analysis
  • GPS mapping and data processing
  • Web-based mapping and ArcGIS Online integration
  • Pipeline right-of-way mapping
  • Parcel mapping and municipal GIS support
  • Address point mapping and geocoding
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Construction progress visualization

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