Aerial Photography

When high-resolution aerial photographs are needed, HGA can help capture the complete view of large areas. Regardless of your project size, our photogrammetrists work with you to identify and acquire high-quality imagery to help you track construction progress, development planning, environmental, pipeline construction and disaster recovery planning. Through access to the latest technology, HGA is ready to mobilize our flight operations team and deploy aircraft with large-format metric cameras to provide the very best aerial photography possible. Additionally, HGA utilizes industry leading software to process all Aerial Triangulation and Orthophoto projects in-house for crisp digital aerial imagery. Our professionals are ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrists with extensive photogrammetric experience in all phases of mapping and other mensuration requirements, including planning and supervising photography, managing mapping projects, and interpretation. HGA can also coordinate with all parties to ensure project specifications are met, and accurate targets are fulfilled. 

HGA’s aerial imagery product and services:

  • RGBN Imagery acquisition
  • Quick-turnaround imagery
  • AT and Orthophoto production
  • Mosaic creation
  • Photogrammetric DSM and point clouds
  • Image classification and segmentation