Geospatial Services

Delivering value from acquisition to execution.

HGA geospatial experts leverage their expertise and industry-leading technology and software to collect, process, integrate, and distribute data for more effective decision-making.

LiDAR Mapping Services

Our expertise in LiDAR comes from our real-world experience, helping us deliver accurate data so that you can make informed decisions, reducing planning uncertainty.


Geographic Information Systems

Our GIS team delivers comprehensive, integrated visualizations to provide deeper insights into data—from parcel mapping to pipeline right-of-way—helping clients make smarter decisions.


Aerial Photography

Improve your project development plans with high-resolution imagery from our aerial photography experts and industry-leading photo equipment.


Unmanned Aerial Systems

Our unmanned aerial systems (UAS) deliver high-resolution data that captures exceedingly precise points to use for design, calculations, and map products while improving safety, planning, and design.


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