Unmanned Aerial Systems

During right-of-way acquisitions, our specialists provide the ability to acquire and maintain the lawful rights needed during initial route selection. In addition to route selection and survey coordination, we perform appraisal, data management, stakeholder communications and contract negotiations to successfully complete your project efficiently and cost-effectively. Our experts can help you secure rights-of-way for pipelines, electric transmission, telecommunications, roadways, and other infrastructure needs.

When it’s time to pursue land-based right-of-way with landowners, government officials, and clients, we work together to establish positive relationships to overcome challenges and ensure your company’s objectives. During negotiations, our experts have substantial experience building positive relationships with government offices at federal, state and local levels for permitting and environmental matters.

Right-of-Way land service:

  • Route studies and estimates
  • Public agency coordination
  • Project inspection services
  • Project cost estimating
  • Project management
  • Land acquisition
  • Procurement
  • Title research and curative
  • Training

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