Field Services

From GIS/mapping and civil engineering to complete land surveying, HGA registered professional field services team combines industry-leading field technology and software to offer accurate surveying solutions.

Regardless of your project scale, complexity, or operational dynamics, HGA has decades of experience to provide geospatial solutions for the transportation, oil and gas, electric, telecommunications, water, and public sector client projects. HGA’s field services provide the highest quality, value, and accuracy for your project. HGA has licensed surveyors and technicians with extensive experience to meet your specific needs. Clients choose HGA for our knowledge, in-house synergies, and thoroughness. Our field services solutions help you collect, process, integrate, and distribute data for more effective decision making.


HGA offers end-to-end survey services tailored to your specific project requirements.



HGA provides fit-for-purpose right-of-way services so your facilities are legally located to the satisfaction of all parties. 


Geospatial Services

HGA can help you collect, process, integrate, and distribute aerial mapping data for more effective decision making.


Inspection Services

We provide fit-for-purpose construction management and inspection services to streamline services.


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