EPCM Services

Streamlining EPCM projects
HGA has all the processes, engineering, and construction management expertise necessary for streamlining EPCM projects. Our team can help you project manage the coordination of your construction project and engineer the specific requirements, as well as working with a wide variety of procurement partners to meet construction project requirements.

Engineering Solutions to Design Optimal Solutions for your Project Challenges
Regardless of your project scale or complexity, HGA engineers collaborate with you to develop, implement, and design a customized solution for your project. HGA engineering has extensive experience in civil, electrical, mechanical, piping and structural engineering. Our expertise in oil and gas engineering comes with experience and local knowledge, helping to achieve your project requirements, in terms of function, constructability, sustainability, and safety. HGA engineering teams offer complete services to help clients explore all options, risks and investment options with tailored, integrated solutions. Our staff provides the expertise and understanding you need to get a job completed—on time and on budget.

Streamlining procurement and supply chain management.
HGA leverages procurement partnerships, industry knowledge, and our supply chain network to deliver high quality, cost-effective procurement services. Based on the client’s project or program, the procurement team leverages our partnerships to increase efficiency, reduce delays and lower costs.

Our procurement team streamlines service delivery across project operations through strategic sourcing, material management, and contract management functions with selected third-parties. For our clients, the procurement team offers the best prices, highest quality materials, and lowest risk, thus reducing project overall cost and increasing the value of the project.

Delivering success and creating value for our customers through customized Construction Management solutions
With extensive construction experience, our HGA construction management services integrate all services within the project scope to ensure that project scope requirements are met and completed on time. HGA construction management team will collaborate with you and be your valued partner to achieve program goals regardless of the complexity of the project. From concept to implementation to project delivery, project management is one of the key pillars to a successful construction project. Our construction managers are exceptional project managers, handpicked to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. Additionally, our construction experts possess the engineering and construction experience to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges throughout the construction process from start to finish.

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