EPC Services

HGA has successfully completed highly complex engineering, procurement, and construction projects. Whether it is an industrial initiative, a CNG station development, or a secure government project, we present solutions that cater to your every need. There is no scope that HGA cannot handle.

CNG Fueling Stations

HGA is a leader in CNG infrastructure design, consulting, and management. By helping you become environmentally friendly and saving tons on fuel costs, HGA is proud to contribute to the reduction of America’s dependence on foreign oil.


Meter/Regulator Skids

HGA is experienced in many aspects of upstream, mid-stream, and downstream natural gas projects. HGA offers a comprehensive range of skids to accommodate your project requirements.


EPC Projects

HGA can assume all responsibility for your projects, own accountability, and give you a single point of contact for the entire project – saving you time and smoothly progressing your project along.


How can we help you? Learn more about the industries we serve as well as our other EPC services, or contact us for more information.

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