Process Engineering Services

Chemical Process

HGA process engineering services take the necessary steps required to make chemical process projects successful. Our extensive background in production, maintenance, technical process, operations, engineering, and regulation delivers trustworthy, innovative solutions our customers seek above all others.

HGA’s experienced staff is capable of providing chemical process design, simulation, and optimization for chemical manufacturing processes. The diverse staff at HGA has expertise in numerous areas including oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and alternative fuels. HGA’s process staff works intimately with the mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation departments in the design of equipment and systems. Some of the essential services provided are as follows:

Grass Roots Chemical Plant Design and Development

  • Reactor, Distillation, and Exchanger design
  • Utilities, Pumping, and Piping Design
  • Intermediate Storage and Tank Farm Design
  • Environmental Controls and Permit Applications

Assist with De-Bottlenecking and Troubleshooting

  • Process Simulation (Aspen, Chemcad, Hysys, Pro II, etc.)
  • Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing
  • Equipment Sizing and Rating
  • System Hydraulic Evaluation
  • Utilities Optimization and Capacity Evaluation

Development and Validate PSM Compliance Needs

  • Process Flow Diagrams and Mass Balances
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Emissions Modeling
  • Relief Systems Design and Revalidation
  • PHA Support

Additional Services

  • On-Site Support and Outsourcing
  • Start-Up Commissioning
  • Equipment Purchasing and Procurement
  • Operator Training
  • SOP Development

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