Recovery Management

recovery management

A dedicated HGA program management team will assist your team’s recovery efforts while finding every available federally funded resource available after a catastrophe. HGA recovery experts know the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) process and will assist in the planning and management of anything from policy development, FEMA Housing programs and HUD CDBG Recovery programs. Your program will benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of solutions that will help your program recover faster and rebuild for a better tomorrow.

FEMA Public Assistance
HGA’s knowledge and understanding of the federal grant process helps streamline the FEMA Public Assistance (PA) process through increased operational efficiencies. Our experience helps right-size programs and monitor progress to improve program performance by developing project worksheets that result in lower costs to the agency. HGA coordinates with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), state and local partners to ensure the maximum reimbursement allowable.

FEMA Shelter and Temporary Essential Power (STEP)_Programs
HGA program managers have experience dealing with the Federal Emergency Management Agency-funded STEP programs designed to address immediate housing needs following a disaster. We will help you find short-term housing solutions that are needed as shelters begin to close. Our professionals will implement “Rapid Repair” programs to return communities with shelterable housing conditions in an expedited time frame.

HUD Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery Programs
For U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), CDBG-DR programs, our program managers effectively aligns flexible grants to help cities, counties, and states recover from disasters, especially in low-income areas.

Through CDBG disaster recovery (CDBG-DR) assistance, HGA helps communities and neighborhoods with:

  • Infrastructure – HGA has provided services including assisting in the development of program processes; development of the program’s execution/implementation plan; development of web-based document storage, monitoring and reporting system; interaction with key stakeholders; CDBG application development; and overall grant management through every phase of each project.

    Our experience is unmatched. HGA administered the only two significant CDBG-DR Infrastructure Programs in the country—New York and Louisiana. We provided consulting services for the program administration of approximately $1.4 billion in CDBG-DR-funded projects in those parishes affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. After reviewing the success of our Louisiana Infrastructure programs, the State of New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) entrusted HGA to deliver their $1.1B CDBG-DR Infrastructure Recovery Program.

  • Housing – HGA housing experts have experience with all aspects of long term housing recovery programs, including acquisitions, reconstructions, and reimbursements. HGA provided Construction Management Support Services to the GOSR New York Rising Housing Recovery Program comprising 10,000 homes. This work involved performing final inspections on thousands of homes to ensure that repairs were completed according to the Program guidelines, awarded scope of work, and New York State residential building codes. Additionally, HGA managed change order requests for homeowners requiring a design professional to amend an existing scope of work. HGA placed great emphasis on its robust QA/QC procedures, resulting in Program acceptance and compliance in over 99% of its deliverables.
  • Inspection Services – HGA inspectors provide the information that allows you to act quickly, manage property damage and minimize risk. Our professionally trained inspectors provide a full array of services from the limited HUD HQS inspections to comprehensive post disaster damage inspections; to include initial, interim and final inspections required by HUD and FEMA recovery programs. Our staff is fully trained in the use of Xactimate tools and maximize the benefits of our Sharepoint based VistaTrak service to provide accountability and transparency of program accomplishments.
  • Labor Compliance – HGA takes the burden of federal regulations off the shoulders of our clients. We will establish a systematic approach to ensure federal compliance on your projects through: detailed payroll review, contractor communication, error reconciliation for payments with restitution, on-site employee interviews, HUD Section 3, MWBE guidance, and contractor/subcontractor training sessions. Over the past 10 years, HGA has reviewed over 218,000 payrolls (housing and infrastructure projects) for private and public clients.

Leverage HGA’s proven VistaTrak reporting and document storage platform
HGA’s VistaTRAK™ System provides real-time insight from any platform for dramatically improved productivity, analytics and visibility, along with serving as the program’s document depository. VistaTRAK, a SharePoint-based document management, offers tracking and reporting that is customized to fit your Programs. The system’s dashboards are customizable to meet your needs. The systems evolution has been refined over the last 10 plus years for billion dollar programs starting with Louisiana’s Katrina / Rita’s $1.4B Infrastructure program and most recently New York’s $1.1B Community Rising / Infrastructure Programs. As it is scalable, it’s been customized to meet the needs of local CDBG / HMGP Housing Programs. This system also earned a Finding of Merit, from HUD, for its’ Louisiana Katrina application.

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