Disaster Preparedness and Response Management

HGA disaster preparedness services support communities and governments with pre-disaster planning to the training and exercise assessments to help identify strategies and applications so that the best practices are implemented before a disaster occurs.

HGA provides clients with a variety of planning services to ensure disaster programs meet federal guidelines for funding. Specifically, we have assisted clients with hazard mitigation plans, CDBG-DR program implementation plans, and catastrophic all-hazard disaster preparedness plans. We understand the importance of stakeholder involvement in the planning process and have trained facilitators in place to collect and vet feedback to promote collective buy-in.

Training & Exercises
HGA provides high-quality response exercises and training seminars to emergency management, fire, law, medical, and public works personnel to help them prepare for, respond to, and recover from all threats and hazards. Our exercises follow HSEEP guidelines but are customized to test specific plans and capabilities requested by the customer. Our facilitators have the boots-on-the-ground experience necessary to design real-world scenarios for exercises and to provide substantive evaluation feedback. We can provide the full spectrum of technical assistance with exercise design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. We can then develop training opportunities to improve shortcomings in capabilities identified during the exercise.

Whether it’s “just in time” operations support to your Emergency Operations Center or Subject Matter Experts to support Policy Development to jump-start your recovery, our response management services identify the proper people and processes to make your recovery program a success. By partnering with HGA professionals, you leverage the experience, expertise, and program workflows necessary to make your program a success.

Emergency Workforce solutions
After a disaster strikes, workforce challenges are a reality you must face, through the support of our staffing groups large candidate database and a network of technical professionals, we can identify the right high-quality talent in the wake of an event to support strategic disaster recovery efforts. HGA has a dedicated Staffing Division that identifies and vets qualified staff, ready to deploy. HGA staff deploys to support Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) before and immediately following events.

Policy Development Support
Rely on HGA experience to create a strategy to help you recover from a disaster faster. Our professionals understand the regulations and will help optimize all resource allocations available from the government.

  • Recovery Planning – HGA has the experience working with the federal government to identify projects and matching them to potential funding sources.
  • Funds Matching Strategies – Our experts have experience planning for and leveraging every available funding source to provide local match requirements. Click here for more information on HGA’s grant-matching capabilities.

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