Labor Compliance


HGA takes the burden of federal labor compliance regulations off our clients’ shoulders. The Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) requires contractors performing on most federally-funded contracts to pay the local prevailing wages to their employees. HGA helps government agencies, developers, and general contractors understand and follow these laws and regulations through our labor compliance services. Over the past 10 years we have achieved the following:

  • Reviewed more than 280,000 payrolls
  • Provided payroll review services on 775 infrastructure and housing projects
  • Served school boards, developers, state/local agencies, and general contractors

We offer two different approaches:

  • 100% Payroll Review. Under this approach, the HGA Labor Compliance Officer reviews all payrolls (100%) for DBA compliance. To back this up, the Labor Compliance Officer also interviews a minimum percentage of employees at the project site, to ensure they are actually being paid the amounts reflected on the payrolls, and the associated fringe benefits. Reviewing full payrolls up-front will minimize the potential for findings during a monitoring or audit.
  • Alternative Hybrid Approach. Under this approach, the HGA Labor Compliance Officer reviews a predetermined percentage of the payrolls, instead of 100%. This approach can be tailored to a high degree to match the circumstances of the work. This approach offers a cost-saving alternative for clients by reducing the number of payrolls the Labor Compliance Officer reviews.

HGA can help customers at all levels of government to select and implement the right approach for their projects.

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