Action Plans


HGA has worked with US states, territories and entitlement jurisdictions to develop HUD Consolidated Plans, Action Plans and Action Plan amendments for both disaster and non-disaster HUD programs. Our efforts ensure that the programmatic goals of our clients are achieved and that the public is engaged throughout the planning process. Grantees who are provided HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), and mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funds are required to publish action plans which describe to the public and to HUD how the funding will be used.  Action plans describe the programs and provide a framework for funding allocations. Action plans also describe how the program addresses short- and long-term goals, why the funds are needed, and how the funding will impact the community.  A critical part of the action plan process is effective community engagement and providing the public with numerous opportunities to provide input.


HGA is one of the first to have submitted a completed action plan for CDBG-MIT funding. This was achieved through leveraging our team’s deep programmatic knowledge of CDBG action plans and the steps that must be taken to have an action plan accepted by HUD, including robust public outreach and engagement. We help our clients through each phase of the action plan process from assessing community needs, to determining and justifying an unmet need, and developing goals and programs to address recovery objectives. We help our clients meet their goals so that action plans can move from a vision into implementable projects that the public supports. A key component to our success is working with our clients to analyze the wide range of HUD eligible activities and determining the most applicable and relevant activities so that the recovery process can begin quickly and efficiently in the areas of housing, public infrastructure, and economic development. Whether you want to increase community resiliency, provide public services, initiate housing rehabilitation and reconstruction, create affordable housing, expand public infrastructure, or engage in coastal restoration, HGA can assist you in developing your action plans and action plan amendments.

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