Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery

Regardless of your program’s scale, complexity or operational dynamics, HGA has years of experience providing program management services to help clients recover from a disaster. We have worked successfully with all levels of government including local, state and federal government agencies to provide program management, construction management, hazard mitigation, audit management, inspections, and risk management. Our expertise in program management brings deep knowledge and understanding to streamline program design, startup, and long-term management.

Natural Disaster Recovery Services

With a team of dedicated experts and office locations along the Gulf and East Coasts, we are strategically positioned to react to disasters of any nature.


Disaster Preparedness and Response Management

Whether it’s disaster preparedness services,  public assistance program management or professional workforce solutions, our response management services identify the proper people and processes to make your recovery program a success.


Disaster Mitigation Support

HGA professionals work closely with the government and homeowners to reduce or eliminate long term risk to people and property from natural disasters.


Recovery Management

A dedicated HGA program management team will assist your team’s recovery efforts while finding every available federally funded resource available after a catastrophe.


Environmental Review Services

HGA environmental experts can help you minimize obstacles with responsible entity’s (RE’s) and work through NEPA and all Federal laws to ensure environmental compliance.


Construction Management Services

Our construction management team works closely with program management to provide seamless integrated solutions to ensure housing programs are efficient and completed on time.


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