Providing insightful analysis for optimal route selection

Route generation is the daunting process of evaluating multiple development options to determine the optimal route and selecting the best solution based on the interaction between variable factors:

  • Updated Imagery
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Biologic and Environmental data
  • Elevation and slope
  • Land ownership
  • Other project-specific datasets

Growing field complexity in the United States has made route development planning increasingly difficult to formulate and execute. RouteNav allows you to identify and rank the most promising routes early in a project so you can make better business decisions. Our comprehensive data enables planners to thoroughly evaluate their risks and rewards, and rapidly identify the optimal route with a high degree of confidence. Our platform allows you to identify routes by quantifying impacts and weighting variables to help avoid investing years of effort in route development scenarios that may be less optimal or even damaging to the environment.

RouteNav helps you integrate GIS data using the latest technology and proprietary workflows to support clients in identifying the optimal route consistent with weighted priorities that achieve operational and project success:

  • Minimize Exposure to Safety Hazards
  • Improve Project Schedules
  • Reduce Total Project Costs
  • Reduce Project Risks
  • Select Optimal Routes for your Projects

HGA is recognized for pioneering the use of the latest GIS technology and software-driven algorithms across the route development landscape:

  • Advanced GIS technologies help you make complex and important business decisions concerning land management, transportation, and environmental assessment faster
  • RouteNav processes evaluate a wider range of development scenarios in much less time
  • Analyze hundreds of route-development scenarios in days or weeks instead of a small number of scenarios in months
  • Implementation of the largest library of datasets from public, private, and in-house data sources, to quickly evaluate numerous data sets that can have an impact on your project costs, schedule, and permitting requirements

Our GIS experts have conducted hundreds of major routing scenarios, adding valuable insight that has helped to ensure that the route selected is the safest, most profitable, and environmentally sustainable option available. HGA’s team includes the entire spectrum of specialists needed for effective route planning – from engineers and construction managers to biologists, photogrammetrists, and certified mapping scientists. HGA’s team brings an understanding of these new game-changing technologies to every route you plan.

Our RouteNav process works for any type of linear route. Whether you are an energy, EPC, or power company, HGA can rank routing variables based on your objectives. The result: plans customized for your routing needs, resulting in reduced project costs, reduced permitting requirements and shortened project schedules.

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