Hurricanes Gustav & Ike CDBG-DR infrastructure and housing recovery programs

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HGA is currently providing project management/administrative/consulting services in nine parishes affected by Hurricanes Gustav & Ike totaling over $123M in CDBG-DR infrastructure and housing projects.

Services provided include the development of parish recovery plans detailing projects crucial for recovery, initial planning of each of these projects, interaction with key stakeholders, CDBG application development, and overall grant management through every phase of each project. HGA uses tools such as schedules, needs lists, and progress reporting to keep the parish administrations actively involved and informed.

Parish projects include mitigation tasks, purchasing/installing generators, building and hardening upgrades, purchasing fire trucks, building a flood alert system, housing, drainage upgrades, rebuilding levees, communication upgrades, upgrading sewer systems, building a community center, renovating a boat launch, rebuilding a canal, sewer lift station improvements, building a detention basin, road improvements, renovating a water tower, rebuilding rail spurs, and a housing affordable rental program. HGA has also developed an interactive website system to track all program documentation, reports, and progress with each parish’s project. This site enables the parish officials, OCD staff and HGA project managers to monitor/track required program documentation across the state.