Hurricane Katrina: Infrastructure & Housing Hazard Mitigation

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Working with key officials from Plaquemines Parish Government, HGA is providing consulting services in the areas of administrative support and execution of the Parish’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Program. FEMA awarded Plaquemines Parish federal monies to implement successful hazard mitigation measures for critical infrastructure and homes affected by Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, and Isaac.

HGA is successfully managing and administering all facets of HMA to include retrofitting critical facilities, water treatment facilities, and the elevation of public roadways in addition to the elevation, and reconstruction of homes. This success is developed through the following:

  • Working with and advising the Parish on federal and state guidelines;
  • Interfacing with local, state and federal representatives;
  • Developing, monitoring and tracking amendments; and
  • Maintaining and auditing documentation to ensure compliance.