Hurricane Katrina: Administered Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Program Management Services

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Working with key officials from St. Bernard Parish Government, HGA is
providing comprehensive project management services in the execution of
the Parish’s allocation of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds. FEMA awarded St. Bernard Parish the funds to implement hazard mitigation measures for critical infrastructure and homes affected by Hurricane Katrina.

We are assisting the Parish with all facets of their housing program to include developing applications and amendments, financial tracking and support, reporting, meeting with contractors and homeowners, milestone inspections and payments, and processing each applicant through to completion.

For the infrastructure portion, we are providing management services from
application to closeout. Services include environmental assessments, procurement, financial management and tracking, reporting, construction progress monitoring and document management. Infrastructure projects include the installing backup generators, repairing pump stations, drainage projects, constructing safe rooms, and installation of a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to remotely monitor lift stations. The SCADA system is housed at St Bernard’s Muenster Sewer Treatment Plant to serve as the central data collection point. The data collection point receives signals from the access points located on the top of 7 water towers throughout St. Bernard Parish. From there the access points transmit information from each of the 104 lift stations throughout the Parish back to the data collection point at the Muenster Sewer Treatment Plant. Each of the 104 lift stations was installed with fixed remote sensors that gathered the data from the station and transmitted it to the access point.