Hurricane Gustav & Ike and 2016 Severe Storms & Flooding: Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Infrastructure & Housing Projects

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HGA is working with Ouachita Parish, City of Monroe and City of West Monroe and their engineers on six infrastructure projects and one housing acquisition project.

  • Black Bayou Canal Improvements
  • Georgia Street Pump Stations
  • River Styx Pump Station upgrade
  • Oregon Trail Flood Wall
  • Raccoon Bayou Drainage
  • East Town and Country Flood Control
  • West Monroe Flood Acquisition

HGA has been tasked with the following:

  • Conduct individual and public meetings to educate homeowners and contractors with program requirements and mandates
  • Review plans and specifications, constructions details, and elevation certificates
  • Conduct pre-mitigation planning to ensure projects are compliant with local building codes
  • Interview contractors/subcontractors for proper insurance, qualifications, and financial stability
  • Develop a construction package to include a milestone inspection check sheet
  • Conduct onsite milestone inspections to ensure necessary compliances regarding program mandates and contractor payment request for reimbursement
  • Develop and submit quarterly reports to the LCG and GOHSEP
  • The HGA Team is utilizing an extensive checklist for all infrastructure and acquisitions that GOHSEP has reviewed for completeness. Upon completion of the mitigation program, HGA will work in coordination with the Ouachita and its municipalities to prepare and submit all closeout documents and to deliver all records. This will include the reconciliation and closeout of all project files, the preparation, and submission of all financial reports and requests for reimbursement, and submission of all final progress reports.