Great Floods of 2016: Home Inspection Services for Restore Louisiana (RELA) Program

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Following the Great Floods of 2016, which damaged over 100,000 households, the Restore Louisiana (ReLa) Housing Assistance Program was implemented to assist homeowners in their journey to recovery. HGA was competitively procured to increase the program’s inspection services capacity and improve the overall quality of inspection services.

To date, HGA has performed over 5,500 damage assessments for the ReLa Program. During this time, HGA has maintained a pass rate exceeding 99% and surpassing strict quality standards through the Program’s third-party QA/QC team. Prior to HGA’s engagement on the Program, other inspection vendors were experiencing fail rates of 25-30% and occasional monthly fail rates exceeding 50%. HGA’s superior quality encouraged these vendors to apply more stringent QA/QC processes, subsequently increasing their pass rates to at least 90%. The quality improvements benefited the overall Program and individual applicants by lowering Program costs due to less rework being required.

Benefits of a high pass rate include:

  • More funding going directly to applicants;
  • Reduced homeowner appeals and construction change orders due to accurate damages and work remaining being calculated; and
  • Overall better customer service and increased efficiencies for applicants and the Program.

HGA uses Xactimate and XactAnalysis in the administration and delivery of construction management services, including all inspections, and producing deliverables for initial damage/site inspections, progress inspections, and final inspections. These software tools are the insurance industry gold standard for estimating, transparency and reporting, and HGA has customized profiles, applications, and workflows that are tailored to meet client needs and allow for data and deliverables to be integrated with other Program systems.