Great Floods of 2016: Administered FEMA PA and HMA Funded Infrastructure Projects

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HGA is providing project management for the FEMA PA and HMA funded
projects in East Feliciana Parish following the flood of 2016. We are
performing oversight and monitoring tasks, assuring that all federal funds have been properly accounted for in each of the Parish’s projects.

HGA’s scope includes:

  • Preparing Project Worksheets (PW) and detailed damage inspection reports
  • Assisting the Parish with prioritizing disaster recovery activities
  • Coordinating with GOHSEP and FEMA
  • Providing monthly reports and technical data to the Parish
  • Working with contractors and engineers to provide project scoping and construction cost
  • Providing guidance on FEMA Policy including Title 44 CFR, FEMA PA Guide, 9500 Policy Series, and disaster specific guidance
  • Reviewing eligibility of contracts and force account labor
  • Attempting to integrate funding sources (local, state and federal) to implement post disaster recovery and reconstruction on facilities, roads and bridges
  • Identifying project specific disaster mitigation opportunities under Section 406 of Stafford Act
  • Representing the Parish during all site visits/inspections conducted by FEMA and GOHSEP
  • Data collection and dissemination for work complete and work to be completed
  • Working with the engineer to develop scope of work for roads and bridges, including obtaining photographs, maps and GPS coordinates of all damaged sites (e.g., facilities, roads, and bridges)
  • Processing requests for reimbursement through and
  • Cost reconciliation for ongoing large projects