Delivering Owner’s Representative and EPC Services for Amogy’s Ammonia-to-power System Manufacturing Facility in North Houston

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Client: Amogy
Location: Houston, Texas

Customer challenge
Amogy is on a mission to build technology that unlocks ammonia’s potential as a clean energy source, accelerating the global journey to Net Zero and sustaining future generations. Amogy developed an innovative ammonia-to-electrical power system that splits, or “cracks,” liquid ammonia into its base elements of hydrogen and nitrogen, which then funnels the hydrogen into a fuel cell, generating high-performance power at five times the energy density of lithium batteries. This technology offers a sustainable, clean energy solution tailored for industries such as maritime shipping and power generation.

To date, Amogy’s technology has been demonstrated with success in a 5kW drone, 100kW tractor, and 300kW semi-truck, and, later this year, will be demonstrated in a tugboat. With a presence in Brooklyn, Houston, Norway, and Singapore, Amogy is renovating a former oil and gas manufacturing facility in Houston, a site with proximity to reliable ammonia sources and a skilled workforce as part of the launch of its commercial efforts.

The schedule is a key driver for the project. To meet its time-to-market goals, Amogy needed a partner with strong experience to help with the due diligence and risk analysis of the selection variables and the larger capacity design of this site.

The challenge for HGA was to retrofit an existing facility quickly and cost-effectively to accommodate Amogy’s technology production on an industrial scale.

Our solution
HGA began providing owner’s representative services and extended to providing engineering, procurement, and construction services and assisting with the technical development of the commercialization plant in Northeast Houston, based on our ability to listen and provide a fit-for-purpose plan and be nimble enough to navigate parallel engineering methods without adding risk to the delivery timeline. The client needed a full EPC contractor to develop the project and relied on HGA’s breadth of experience to envision the full potential of their project.

Value delivered
Throughout our involvement in the project, HGA understood the technical, schedule, and commercial challenges and provided fit-for-purpose planning, while being agile enough to navigate parallel engineering methods without adding risk to the delivery. In support of Amogy’s technical challenges, HGA provided detailed engineering for the ammonia-to-electrical power systems manufacturing plant, procurement, construction contracting, startup and commissioning contracting, and project management teams responsible for overall project execution for the project. Great focus was placed on Amogy’s expectation to have a commercially proven product, ready to go to market in the near term.

During the course of project engineering design, based on the client’s evolving technical requirements, the design has undergone several optimizations to improve capital costs. HGA adapted to the late changes and maintained focus on the critical component – technical development – while allowing it to stretch the other components without compromising and adding delivery risk to the project.

HGA’s knowledge of client needs and our seasoned experts allowed the project to remain focused on critical technical development, in line with Amogy’s key goals regarding design, cost, and schedule.