Wood Pellet Storage and Ship Loading Facility

– Project Spotlight –

HGA provided the client, a top-ranked contractor, with civil and mechanical engineering design services for a wood pellet storage and ship loading facility in South Louisiana. HGA provided foundation and building drawings – along with providing drawings for Army Corps of Engineers.

Civil engineering services covered site permitting and detail design of equipment and building foundations. This included the design of building facilities: water, sewer, etc. Mechanical services included the overall site layout and general arrangements. Vendor drawing reviews, sump pump system design, P&ID’s and PDF’s were also provided to the client.

The two-phase port facility project took 6,500 man-hours for completion and was divided into five major areas: road truck unloading, rail car unloading, storage facility, reclaim conveying, and ship loading. During Phase I, HGA reviewed documents prepared by the Owner’s Engineer, along with providing value engineering analysis, preliminary design engineering, and cost estimating services. HGA provided detailed design services during Phase II.