VistaTRAK Granted Trademark Registration from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

HGA is pleased to announce that VistaTRAK®, HGA’s proven Decision Support Solution, has been trademarked by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Our VistaTRAK Project Tracking and Reporting Service is a fast, affordable, low-risk solution that connects and harmonizes data from any source into actionable insights which allow clients to make informed decisions, faster. The combination of our in-depth expertise and industry-leading technology enables you to creatively present data to analyze and answer critical project questions timely. Better insights gained will optimize the decision-making process, so you can deliver high-quality projects efficiently and on schedule. Ultimately, the service helps ensure that appropriate measures can be taken to improve project efficiencies.

VistaTRAK uses customized workflows that simplify reporting and analytics, automates data management, and integrates any data source into interactive reporting dashboards. VistaTRAK offers the ability to import data from external and internal systems, including enterprise systems, schedules, Excel worksheets, etc. and present the data creatively so clients can quickly and easily access all data and start making better decisions.  The interactive reporting dashboards facilitate better, more informed analytics for efficient project operations, analytics, and decision making.

VistaTRAK has proven very successful, with widespread adoption in mega-projects, government programs, and manufacturing projects.   Our decisions support solution offers the ability to function as an overlay to existing project/enterprise systems is key to its’ success.  VistaTRAK allows for owner systems to be utilized while presenting project cost, schedule, and operational data creatively and timely.

“We believe the registration of the VistaTRAK trademark with the USPTO will help strengthen the solutions branding in the markets we serve,” said Jay Guillot, HGA’s senior vice president. “By further establishing and validating the VistaTRAK brand, we believe we can address the most costly and persistent challenges mega-projects face today.”

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