Strong Start for HGA in 2015

“We finished 2014 on a great note and 2015 is off to a strong start,” commented Trott Hunt regarding the health and performance of HGA. The company is forecasting over $100 million in revenue in 2015.

HGA is headquartered in Ruston, LA, and has fourteen locations throughout Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and Alabama, and a staff of over 500 employees. Having completed over 2,900 projects in over 30 states, Canada, and Mexico, HGA is recognized as a leader in the project management and engineering community.  Established in 1997, HGA supplies a full-range of engineering, program management, and staffing services for public and private sector clients.

HGA continues to derive significant revenue from the oil & gas sector. The end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 was a difficult time for many oil & gas industry services providers as the price of oil dropped from over $100 per barrel in June 2014 to less than $50 per barrel by January. However, HGA currently serves a diverse cross section of companies and has not seen a significant downturn in work. Furthermore, in 2014 HGA acquired R&D Consulting, a roughly 30-person engineering firm headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA that has been serving chemical industry clients for over 30 years. “We expect the demand from the chemical industry to increase thanks to the low price of natural gas. It is driving investments in the US chemical manufacturing facilities,” remarked HGA Executive Vice President, Don Plummer.

HGA’s Program Management division continues to deliver strong performance with significant growth expected in 2015. The division primarily focuses on managing large programs with multiple and/or complex projects. A New York presence was established in 2014 to support expanded business opportunities in the region. “We are really pleased with our expanded foot print into the northeastern United States,” commented Senior Vice-President Jay Guillot who is in charge of the Program Management group. “Our clients continue to validate our focus on delivering on commitments. We expect to see continued opportunities to expand our footprint and scope of services.”

In 2015, HGA will benefit from continued demand and growth in the industrial services sectors. Additionally, the company will recognize a full year of revenue from its recent acquisition. On top of this growth, HGA is executing some of its 2015 projects on a turnkey basis. This means HGA is also buying equipment and subcontracting construction services for its clients which will be a further boost to revenue. “Our HGA Staffing business unit has also been a steady performer the last few years. We expect continued growth of the Staffing business unit as well in 2015,” observed Trotter Hunt, HGA Vice President.

HGA continues to add to its team and expects to hire more than 100 people in 2015. “We continue to give significant attention to developing our management depth so that we can continue to deliver high quality work to our clients,” Trott Hunt stated. In closing he stated that he “is very proud of how the company has performed over the last few years. It is a direct reflection of the bright, hard-working, professional people we have working at HGA.”