President’s Service Award winner honored

HGA recently announced Terri Morrison as its most recent President’s Distinguished Service Award recipient.

The President’s Award is the most prestigious distinction for an HGA employee. The award recognizes employees who exceed expectations and demonstrate a strong work ethic over an extended period. They command technical expertise and embrace the role of Subject Matter Expert. They have demonstrated over an extended period superb excellence in their field that is recognized both inside and outside the company. It provides the opportunity for employees across the organization to be recognized for outstanding service and significant contributions to the organization, which fall under the categories of service, leadership, and distinguished engineering.

Trotter Hunt, Principal, acknowledged Terri Morrison for the President’s Distinguished Service Award which recognized her for going the extra mile and making a difference at HGA.

Trotter praised the work and efforts of Terri Morrison, a long-time dependable employee, who is part of the document management team in the Project Finance Department and is known for consistently going above and beyond to ensure that tasks, no matter how big or small, are completed on time and with the company’s best interest in mind. She works tirelessly to proof/issue proposals for several business units and transmits deliverables to countless clients for the engineering department. This is a vital role that aids in bringing in more work and assists HGA’s goals of growth.

She embodies the true essence of our document management team. She’s been recognized for Living Our Core Values for her attention to detail and organizational skills, along with her in-depth knowledge of HGA’s policies and procedures. Always striving for excellence, she’s not afraid to let you know if that is not how we do things at HGA and is sure to set you up for future success by training you in how to do it the right way.

Congratulations, Terri for your 22+ years of service and on receiving the President’s Distinguished Service Award!