President’s Award winners honored

President’s Award winners honored

We are pleased to announce employees Doug Welsh, Susan Bagwell, and Steve Blackwelder as our most recent President’s Distinguished Awards recipients.

The President’s Award is the most prestigious distinction for an HGA employee. The award recognizes employees who exceed expectations and demonstrates a strong work ethic over an extended period. They command technical expertise and embrace the role of Subject Matter Expert. And they have demonstrated over an extended period superb excellence in their field that is recognized both inside and outside the company. It provides the opportunity for employees across the organization to be recognized for outstanding service and significant contributions to the organization, which fall under the categories of service, leadership, and distinguished engineering.

This year’s events were held at the HGA Christmas Party in Birmingham and Ruston. Andy Lushington kicked off the President Award recognition to honor the distinguished engineering honoree as Birmingham employees gathered at the Tre Luna venue on Wednesday, December 7th.

Distinguished Engineer

Doug Welsh was praised as the technical guru for any and all questions at the office. Across the span of his career, Doug has become a Subject Matter Expert on just about every aspect of natural gas transmission, measurement, compression, welding, construction….you name it. With 50 years of industry experience, Doug provides a wealth of experience and knowledge for both our team internally as well as to our clients. He is referred to in the Birmingham office as the “professor” as you can take him any technical question and be provided an answer usually along with the applicable code and section driving that answer. He is a tremendous asset to our company and an excellent candidate for the President’s Distinguished Engineer Award.

Please join us in congratulating Doug on this award and a highly accomplished career!




For the President’s Service Awards, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Trott Hunt spoke at the Ruston Christmas party, acknowledging awardees for going the extra mile to make a difference in the HGA organization. Susan Bagwell and Steve Blackwelder were recognized for their dedication and service to the organization.

Susan embodies the President’s Service Award. Trott Hunt praised the work and efforts of Susan Bagwell. Bagwell, a long-time dependable employee, who is part of the executive leadership support team at the James Building, is known for her work thoroughness, professionalism, integrity, and work ethic. She is always looking to make the right decision to support the company and her team members. In the last few years, she has developed and led critical tasks for corporate and supported the president in pursuit of his varied business interests.

As a company and a work family, we are blessed to have Susan Bagwell as part of the HGA family.

Congratulations, Susan!


Turning to Steve Blackwelder, he was the second employee to receive the President’s Service Award. His manager, Mike Causey, Vice President, Corporate Strategic Development, spoke highly of Steve. “Steve reflects HGA values. He’s diligent, collaborative, and helpful and adopts a team “bulldog” approach to his work. I’m so proud he’s being recognized with the HGA Distinguished Service Award.” He embodies the true essence of the business development team, he’s willing to do what is required, not scared to knock on doors, and find new clients. Always striving for excellence, he’s always working with others and goes above and beyond for our clients. During this time, Steve has generated over $170M in revenue for HGA.

Congratulations Steve Blackwelder for your 23+ years of service and on receiving the President’s Award! 

Following the presentation of all the President’s awards, we would like to thank all award winners, nominators, and their supporters. “All of you can see the incredible dedication and talent here that represents HGA. I thank each one of this year’s award winners for making a significant impact and for who they are, how they carry themselves, and what they do,” said Trott Hunt.