Hunt, Guillot & Associates: Our core values

Since opening our doors in 1997, Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC has cultivated an award-winning approach to multi-discipline engineering and project management. We have strived to keep our clients – their expectations and satisfaction – at the center of everything we do, honoring our passion to help clients succeed, to be part of their long-term team and to share in their success.

This philosophy of putting the client first has led to the development of the HGA Core Values of: Customer Service, Professional Excellence, Teamwork, Trust, Safety, and Cost Effectiveness. Each aspect of our Core Values represents a cornerstone of all of our engineering and program management projects.

“Putting the client first has led to the development of the HGA Core Values.”

Customer Service

First and foremost in our Core Values is our commitment to serving our customers according to the individual needs. This includes:

  • Being adaptive to clients’ needs, methods, and budgets.
  • Communicating comprehensively with clients.
  • Responding to project changes and deadlines.
  • Resolving conflicts and problems with prompt action and objective processes.

Professional Excellence

As an acknowledged innovative leader in the project management and engineering community, we continuously strive to deliver not just customized, attentive service to our clients, but to give them the benefit of our ever-growing expertise and network of professionals. As part of this commitment, we:

  • Utilize qualified professionals who are accountable and dedicated to project success.
  • Meet project requirements with technical competence.
  • Implement time-tested procedures and systems.
  • Communicate clearly with precise documentation throughout project phases.


HGA has become an industry leader not just by delivering on our commitments, but through collaboration. We enter into a partnership with each of our clients, maintaining an open and honest dialog, and working closely through highly collaborative implementation processes. Additionally, HGA aims to:

  • Understand project scope and objectives to mutual satisfaction.
  • Work with clients by establishing seamless relationships.
  • Respect all team members and their input.
  • Dedicate real effort to meet project schedule and deliverables.


Trust is the foundation of every effective working relationship. To foster trust, HGA works to:

  • Maintain open, honest dialog on project priorities.
  • Honor and complete all commitments.
  • Behave ethically in all relationships with clients, vendors, and associates.
  • Build strategic relationships with clients to provide mutual long-term value.


Safety is a top priority and we are committed to ensuring that all our worksites are safe for workers, contractors, project managers and our clients. We focus on going beyond simple compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulation and guidance and have at the core of our operations:

  • We are personally accountable for our own health and safety.
  • We provide our people with the training, knowledge, and tools to work safely.
  • All incidents are preventable.

Cost Effectiveness

Hand in hand with our commitment to quality is our goal to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. We recognize the importance of coming in on budget, so we collaborate with our clients to ensure we can:

  • Provide superior value through smooth project start-ups.
  • Focus on maintaining the project scope and schedule.
  • Optimize staff experience and cost to minimize project investment.
  • Report project status in a timely manner.
  • Utilize new technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

To find out more how our exemplary service and innovative solutions can help with your next engineering project, contact us today.