HGA Scopes Award in the Leadership Excellence and Development Awards

Hunt, Guillot, and Associates (HGA) was named to the ‘Winner’s Circle’ in the LEAD 2018 for Best Experience/Senior Leader Program, in recognition of HGA’s extensive management training program. “HGA Lead,” scored an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 by program participants.

Winners of the Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) Awards were announced in an exclusive ceremony in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event celebrated outstanding achievements in the areas of Education, Corporate, and Individuals across 35 categories, with finalists from leading global organizations including Nationwide, Aetna, Zenefits, and Micron Technologies. Prestigious leadership awards salute the world’s top leadership practitioners and programs and highlight their roles in developing their most important asset—their people.

The company evaluated training activities and partnered with BizLibrary for their online training solutions. In 2017, HGA implemented the “HGA Lead” program to ensure managers and future leaders received diverse training tools and experiences needed to lead their direct reports and departments effectively by providing management and leadership training, as well as company specific operational improvements.

“We believe it is out responsibility to do all that we can to support our employee’s soft skills as much as they require professional technical skills,” said Tony Stark, HR and Safety Department Manager. “I am proud of our training curriculum, and we’re excited to know that our training commitment is getting recognized by the industry.”

The ‘Lead Awards’ are an annual celebration of global leadership development programs that truly explore innovation and best practices in the leadership space. The awards recognize employers who have implemented or internally developed programs to support, grow and sustain their leadership team.

View full list of finalists, winners and runners up on the LEAD Awards website, click here.

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