HGA Introduces Pipeline Integrity Service

HGA Pipeline Services is pleased to announce the launch of its new pipeline integrity offering to service pipeline owners and operators.

The pipeline integrity group will provide pipeline integrity management services in coordination with our other pipeline services, offering a full suite of audit services that will conform to environmental and safety regulations for its customers.

“Providing a turnkey suite, by adding integrity management to our pipeline services portfolio will enable us to leverage our strength in the midstream market,” said Don Plummer, VP, Pipeline Services. “Maintaining pipeline integrity is key to pipeline infrastructure to assure people that pipelines are safe and reliable. HGA now provides a one-stop-shop for our midstream clients.”

“Our midstream customers informed us of the need for integrity services to reduce their pipeline infrastructure operational risks,” said Wynn Rogers, Operations Manager Pipeline Services. “We are very happy to announce the addition of Kyle Michael, to lead this effort. Customers that need analysis and risk prevention measures of their pipelines can now rely on HGA Pipeline Services to handle all their pipeline service needs.”

To learn more, please visit the Pipeline Integrity Service website.