HGA Achieves Two Significant Milestones With 2 Million Hours Without A Recordable Accident and 4 Million miles driven without a vehicle accident.

We are pleased to announce that HGA recently achieved two significant safety milestones – two million man hours worked without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injury.  At approximately the same time, HGA also achieved another milestone: driving four million miles without a vehicle accident. Key to these achievements in a hazardous industry is HGA’s strong culture of safety values and practices.

This outstanding achievement is a testament to the collective efforts and hard work of all HGA employees in the workplace. HGA is tremendously proud of the commitment of all our employees and fully recognizes the time, energy, and efforts that have led to setting such high safety standards.

“This is truly a great accomplishment for our company,” said Principal Trotter Hunt. “To reach this level of workplace safety, an individual would have to work close to 1,000 years without an accident and drive more than 160 trips around the earth to achieve such records. It speaks volumes about the dedication that our employees have put towards safety first. This is a team effort, and we continue to strive to put safety first on every one of our job sites.”

The company safety motto: ‘Safety is no Accident. It’s a Culture’ was developed back in 2013. HGA employees are highly trained and experienced in all applicable safety and environmental regulations to ensure the safety of our crews in the field and while driving. We do our best to minimize our environmental impact and maximize personal safety. Our commitment to safety ensures each of our employees goes home in the same condition they came to work – every single day.

“HGA employees are held to the highest safety standard. As part of our commitment to safety, we have safety as one of our core values to keep safety at the forefront of our employees’ minds. A continued focus on working safely has everything to do with our employees being engaged and involved. Our dedication to zero incidents is something that never wavers,” said Tony Stark, HGA Safety Manager.

Congratulations HGA on these impressive milestones!