Employee Highlight: “The Safety Guy” Tony Stark

Tony attended high school in Oologah, Oklahoma and attended three different universities: Oklahoma State University, Texas A&I University, and McNeese State University. He graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Finance.
Tony also obtained his CSP (Certified Safety Professional) and a PHR (Professional in Human Resources).
Before working at HGA, Tony worked for Willamette as a Corrugator Supervisor. He worked his way up to Plant Manager before becoming a Regional Safety Manager for Willamette/Weyerhaeuser.
“I got to see things from several points of view,” commented Tony. “What we as managers think may be important to the individual operating the piece of equipment may not be important when you look at it from their perspective. And in the end, the one operating the piece of equipment is the one that ultimately makes the money for the company – so you need to be fair and right with them.  Treat everyone with respect and they will usually do their best for you.”
A friend convinced me to apply for a position at HGA. I had been at Willamette/Weyerhaeuser for 20 years before onboarding with HGA in 2013.
“My transition at HGA has been pretty significant,” commented Tony. “I joined HGA as the Safety Manager, and due to the HGA growth, I assumed the role of HR/Safety Department Manager. I recently was promoted to the overall manager of HR throughout HGA.”

Trotter Hunt, HGA Vice President, mentioned that: “HGA has grown significantly over the past few years. With this growth comes more demand from the HR and Safety groups. Tony has really stepped up in his role and been very successful with HR and Safety initiatives for all of our fourteen locations.”
Based out of the Ruston, LA office, Tony also works closely with the Houston group and the new Brookline office in Baton Rouge. When asked ‘What do you love most about your job?’ Tony responded: “Interacting with people. Being able to help, guide, and coach individuals as they need it.”
The HR department has grown and continues to develop initiatives company-wide. The HR team is developing company-wide and plans to implement an expanded Management/Leadership Development Program and Employee Development program over the next year.”  The HR group hopes to see their Management/Leadership Development Program and Employee Development Program strengthen over the next year. “We must always be looking for talented, high-performing type of individuals and doing what we can to foster their growth,” commented Tony.
In closing, Tony commented that: “I work with a terrific group of people and am only as successful as they make me.”