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With increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and the critical needs of companies to meet their ambitious mid-century net-zero commitments, HGA has created its multi-disciplinary Carbon Management Services team uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive services for carbon reduction strategies, option evaluation, project planning, and implementation. From carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) assessment and comprehensive development planning to execution of renewable projects, HGA carbon management experts combine expertise and the latest modeling tools and approaches to solve energy transition issues across the full spectrum of energy sources and uses.

Regardless of your CO2 project’s scale, the HGA team of experts can assist you with costs, evaluation of emissions reductions, and implementation of carbon reduction technology to help you meet your specific business and CO2 reduction goals.

Trusted advisory services in carbon reduction implementation

Research and feasibility assessments

  • Evaluation and implementation of carbon policies and regulations
  • Federal and state carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) policy, law, and regulation
  • Tax incentives (45Q)
  • Emissions credit certification, valuation, verification, and market assessment

Carbon technology assessment solutions

  • Anthropogenic CO2 capture/production and acquisition
  • CO2 pipelines
  • Renewable energy and electrolysis
  • CO2/EOR—operations and CO2 storage
  • Dedicated CO2 storage development and operation
  • Oil and gas upstream, midstream, and downstream technology systems integration

Effectively communicate your carbon reduction program

  • Industry expertise to effectively communicate your company’s initiatives
  • Help refine your message to build awareness and recognition

Project development and implementation

  • Owner’s engineer, engineering production and evaluation, and technology integration
  • CO2 capture engineering
  • CO2/EOR and residual oil zone (ROZ) specialist: reservoir and resource assessment, and project design
  • Class VI well permitting for large scale CO2 injection and long-term geological sequestration
  • Renewable energy
  • Project finance

The HGA team’s portfolio of Carbon Management Services offers a unique combination of expert analysis to enable our clients to make better-informed business decisions while meeting the demand for affordable energy while reducing CO2 emissions. With years of experience, we provide carbon capture and storage and carbon sequestration solutions that will help you make informed decisions on the costs, developments, and investment opportunities of implementing CO2 reduction technology.

If you need assistance in achieving your emission reduction commitments in an enduring and sustainable way with transparency, accountability, and credibility, contact HGA Carbon Management Services.

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