Program Management

Program Management

Our rock-solid program managers help foster sound public works while managing risks and maximizing performance. We are well positioned as a key player in managing projects for federal, state, and local entities. Our team is equipped with a broad perspective to seamlessly match the overachieving expectations and public work demands.

HGA provides Program Management Services to public, private, and governmental agencies. Focusing on the organization and prioritization of resources across multiple, interdependent projects, HGA manages resources from a global perspective to maintain program effectiveness and efficiency through detailed strategic planning, program implementation, and project control. Our focus is to use our experienced leadership in directing all aspects of program management, including:

  • Scope Definition
  • Budget and Schedule Development
  • Cost Validation
  • Resource Prioritization and Allocation
  • Environmental
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Communications Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Task Assignments
  • Milestones/Deliverables
  • Earned Value Measurements
  • Change Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Program Monitoring
  • Agency Reporting
  • Presentations to Public, Program Committees and Boards

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