Public Works

HGA is experienced with many funding agencies, including LCDBG, USDA, RDA, Louisiana Facility Planning & Control, and Economic Development. We provide project management and multi-disciplined engineering to public, private, and industrial entities throughout the nation. Work with our team to cohesively construct, rebuild, or repair projects.


We are aware of the neglect and consequent deterioration of our public infrastructures. Whether new or old, large or small, let our experienced team assist you in your infrastructure needs.


Program Management

Our rock-solid program managers help foster sound public works while managing risks and maximizing performance. We are well-positioned as a key player in managing projects for federal, state, and local entities.



HGA works on any size projects, including bridges, drainages, land developments, rail spurs, roadways, site planning, and utility projects. We have provided engineering services to architectural firms, city governments, police juries, private clients, the State of Louisiana, and the university system of Louisiana.


Broadband Consulting

Accelerate your broadband infrastructure solutions with support and advice from our professionals, offering unrivaled expertise in broadband implementation.