Meter/Regulator Skids

HGA is experienced in many aspects of upstream, mid-stream, and downstream natural gas projects. HGA offers a comprehensive range of skids to accommodate your project requirements. Our pledge to work closely with you enables us to engineer, procure, and construct custom meter skids essential to your project needs.

HGA performs the structural fabrication, piping fabrication, and complete building, electrical and instrumentation assembly to the customer’s exact specification.

We have packaged 8”, 6” and 4” Ultrasonic Meter Runs dual and single pass with inspection enclosures – all complete with Gas Chromatographs, Moisture Analyzers, Regulators, Actuator Controlled and Manual Valves.

  • All piping is 100% xray, hydro tested, sandblasted, reamed, primed and painted.
  • HGA’s base skids are built of steel I-beam and floor plate 100% welded to exceed load with removable tie down/lifting lugs.
  • Our buildings are custom assembled with turbine vents, wall louvers, quick open double front door, and single side door. All exiting pipe and wiring are wall seal booted.
  • All wiring is a rigid metal conduit or flexible steel braided encased.
  • All tubing and compression tubing fittings are 304 stainless steel, rigidly secured to eliminate vibration or pulsation movement.
  • All instrumentation electrical components are also rigidly secured to welded and bolted supports to better withstand long haul trucking and provide easier access to monitors and controls.