The RouteNAV platform gives our customers the ability to plan new routes without spending as much time in the field.

RouteNAV has been helping clients plan potential route corridors through the integration of external data sources. RouteNAV leverages the latest in geospatial computing technology and provides cost-effective planning and analysis that reduces route generation expenses, lowers employee footprint, and increases margins.

Pipeline and power transmission with route planning will equally benefit with HGA’s cost-effective and value-added RouteNAV process. The RouteNAV process utilizes existing imagery or acquiring aerial photography over wide areas, in-house semi-automated GIS software tools that review numerous data sets to identify preferred routes, and experienced industry veterans providing additional reviews to select a final recommended route. RouteNAV will help you safely identify the best route for your project in a fraction of the time.

Better, Faster, Safer Together
RouteNAV ‘s unified platform gives you the ability to connect aerial positioning solutions, route planning software, and GIS integration through a single platform. With key services on one platform, you can work better, faster and safer to reach your project goals and accelerate your project timeline.

Below are a few examples of how the RouteNAV service excels in developing and managing your route planning projects, helping streamline operations, and maintaining employee safety,

Integrating geospatial data: In almost every route optimization plan, geospatial data is involved. RouteNAV is designed exactly for this integration need. It enhances geospatial data integration. Effectively, RouteNAV generates routes that utilize the most comprehensive data available faster and more efficiently.

Ensuring the best route generations: In order to provide the best transportation asset, you need to ensure geospatial data quality. With the HGA RouteNAV service, you can generate routes quickly and efficiently. Quality geospatial data ensures you will have quality insights into your optimal route scenarios for your project.

Improving employee safety: Online dashboards are another example where RouteNAV’s platform can work together to streamline tasks and improve employee safety. By tying all the key project data and interfaces online, RouteNAV can help ensure your employees have everything they need for route planning and analysis from the safety of your office. Our process keeps the most valued commodity, your employees, off the roads and out of harm’s way.

Accelerate Route Planning: While our rich set of services provides the tools you need to address the key aspects of route planning for your transportation assets, the core value of the RouteNAV service is the speed and efficiencies it brings to your project planning. With RouteNAV you can accelerate your project planning to reach optimal route scenarios, faster.

RouteNAV’s connection to GIS data revolutionizes how organizations build route scenarios. Simply put, you can identify the best route for your transportation project in a fraction of the time, safely from your office.

Utilize RouteNAV for safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to today’s challenges.


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