Pipeline Group Migrates South for the Winter

HGA’s pipeline group recently kicked off a challenging project in south Florida where nineteen miles of an existing 18-inch diameter natural gas pipeline under and alongside a major highway will be abandoned and relocated to a nearby high voltage transmission line corridor. The relocation will shorten the route by four miles for a total length of fifteen miles along with an increase in diameter from 18- to 24-inches to maintain system capacity. In-line inspection traps, mainline valves, and delivery points will all require modifications. Urban congestion with limited access and available workspace, conflicts with other utilities, high groundwater table with potential for prior contamination, AC interference, right-of-way negotiations with over 200 landowners, and permitting with numerous local, state and federal agencies including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will add to the complexity. To execute the project in the most efficient manner, HGA will employ the latest technology in global information systems (GIS), light detection and ranging (LiDar) photography, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), and cellular concrete pumping.

The team of experts assembled to tackle the project were chosen by the client based on their unique skill sets and past success in similar urban projects near Atlanta, Philadelphia, Tampa and Miami. The project is expected to take over three years to complete, with an in-service date set for March 2021.